Monday, June 3, 2013

This is MY Confession...

I am a borderline hoarder. I reached that conclusion by taking a look at the last patterns and fabric I just recently purchased. I have no problem with having lots of patterns and fabric if you use it (even occasionally). I have not been doing that. I love sewing but fitting issues have been my deterrent. So since there will always be new patterns and more fabric sales, I have decided to start making things. At least one item a week. I have to justify my purchases to ME. The above statements have no relevance to anyone but me. You do you and I will do the same. As matter of fact I love reading sewing blogs and seeing other people's stash, but I also know that I love even more looking at the garments that they create from their purchases. I need to stop hoarding and start creating!

So, I spent Sunday afternoon considering what to sew next. I decided to watch the Mimi G's DIY Strapless Jumper tutorial. After watching it I thought about trying my hand at a simple down and dirty maxi skirt. I wanted to make one with the fold over like on yoga pants. I went to and rediscover a young lady whose DIY peplum skirt video I had watched. Her name is tglashen and I fell in love with her. Not only is she very creative but she teaches the obvious without you feeling like duh… What I love the most is that at the beginning and end of each of her videos she displays bible verses. I love, love, love creative people who know from whence their talents flow!

So I went to my basement fabric stash and found some striped knit fabric I was gifted from my mommy. She no longer sews and she has begun sending pieces my way(adding to my hoard stash)… (She makes jewelry now). The fabric I picked was very familiar. When we would fabric shop we often would go home with some of the same pieces. I had (many, many years ago) made my youngest daughter a cute little summer top from my yardage (she says she still has it somewhere in her bedroom).

Following most of tglashen’s instructions I made the following two skirts. The striped one for me and the other for my daughter.


Even after using the exact same instructions, because of the difference in the fabric, my daughter’s came out a little more form fitting than I had desired. She, however, loved it. My next iteration will fit with more ease.

I really need more light in my house and a camera phone with flash. Sorry again for the not so great pictures.
Love and Blessings,


Zoe said...

The skirts look cute! I am guilty of being a fabric hoarder too! I buy fabric and think oh this will be great for a dress or whatever then I see different fabric awhile later and end up using that instead of what I purchased earlier... oops!

DawnSSL said...

Thanks Zoe! I think I am getting better. LOL

Dorothy DotDot said...

I appreciate seeing the pictures of your skirts. They are really cute and I know you will enjoy your sewing journey. We all know that fit can cause some issues. Just remember measure, remeasure, and measure some more.

DawnSSL said...

Thanks Dorothy! I think I mostly need to remember to not sew tired! But I will definitely take your advice.

zoeope said...

I always thought there was something wrong with me when I measure,make something and find a notable difference in measure and finished dress.
Both skirts look really nice, esp the baby pink one. I am a fabric addict, but in my defence there is no combination of fabric and harberdasary I can't find at home at any one time.

Ambitious Sewer said...

Oh, Wow! I watched many of tglashen's videos and really enjoy her tutorials.