Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sewing by the seat of my pants PT 2"edited"

Since Blogger will not let me create a new post!? Here are some pictures of the finished dress at the wedding:


Let me back up a bit.
The B2B decided to order a wedding gown from China. She came over to my house to go over some wedding details...(did I mention I was co-coordinator with the matron-of-honor?).She showed me the dress she was going to order. Now I am not to keen about ordering form outside of the continental United States so when we could not get clarification on the color of the waist ribbon, I took that as a sign that maybe, just maybe, this was not the best idea. A day later I convinced her not to purchase from that retailer due to reviews about some of the China dressmaker sites.

(below image from )
Elegant White Dot Lace With Bowtie Wedding Dress(MA-670)
So that began our quest to find a wedding gown. After checking a couple of local dress shops, including Da.vid's she still could not find what she wanted. We even traveled across the bridge to Jersey to an annual Goodwill dress event. She found two that her sister and I both thought were beautiful on her but she left without a purchase. You see, I had received the guinea pig text message already and although she was full of confidence in me, I was not.. I secretly hoped hat she would find a RTW gown.

I found butterick 5325

She liked it, I took her measuremnets, found some fabric in the stash for a muslin and got to work.

Next:  "The long road of fittings".

Blessings and Love


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sewing by the seat of my pants! pt 1

text thread:

cousin: Can I be your guinia pig?

me: huh?

cousin: no seriously, I mean I am tired of looking!

me: no seriously what are you talking about?

cousin: can you make my wedding dress?

me (after a 3 minute pause): I do not know if I can do that...

cousin: I have faith in you!

me: let me pray about it.

cousin: I will pray too!

So began my adventures in sewing by the seat of my pants!

Love and God bless,