Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ayyy Matey....

So I finished McCall's 6470 view b.  I will call it a wearable muslin.  The shiny fabric (satin)  that I used and the design of the blouse made me think of swashbuckling (and Seinfeld's puffy shirt).

My machine was acting up during the topstitching of the neckband so I had to do a lot of pulling the tread through to the underside, because each time I stopped stitching the tension of the top thread would leave a loop. I must get my machine serviced soon! I tried adjusting everything from the stitch length and the tension to another sewing needle.

However, I do see the potential in this. I will make it again in a gauze, lengthen the bodice and remove some of the width in the sleeves at the wrist. I like the elastic that I added at the hem so I will keep that.

Here is the blouse on Dee:

On to the next one.
Love and blessings,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shopping in the City...

My mom and I had a great time in NYC. Mood was amazing and overwhelming. I had a picture from Mood on my cell but I can not rotate it. Also went to M & J Trimmings.
Already made resevations to go back next month.  I have a formal event and my daughter's prom is in May.
I am currently working McCall's 6470 view b.
I should have lengthened it but my goal is to sew and if I come out with something wearable I am going to call that a plus!
Love and blessing,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NYC or bust!...

For my birthday I was thinking about taking the day off work and visiting the Garment District in NYC.
I thought that I would be traveling alone, but when I mentioned my plans to my mother, she jumped aboard.  What a nice birthday present.

We will be taking the Mega.bus for the first time so I will let you know how that works out.

Whatever happens I will be thankful for spending the day with my mom.

Love and Blessing