Friday, January 8, 2010

With bated breath...

Last night I was able to squeeze the pattern for the cardi-wrap, but just barely. I hope I stayed true to the straight of grain. We shall see.

I just received my order form!!!

I am so happy with it.

My boss walked by as I was fondling it and I thought he was going to write me up on harassment charges.
I decided not to rush to take it home(no, it is not a secret purchase, hubby bought it for me!), but I know myself all to well. I have several UFO's at home as it is and I would push the cardi-wrap project aside to start on a skirt or dress or shirt or whatever.

I getting all tingly just thinking about playing with this fabric.

God bless,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ain't no stopping me now...

I finished Simplicity 3622 view C w/ view A sleeves, last night. If I saw this dress in a store I would not gravitate toward it, but I made it and I am proud of my perseverance. I had a hard time with the two layers of stretch fabric and then trouble with the casing for the elastic at the waist.

I will proudly wear this on Sunday. All in all I would make this again but in a single layer and a brighter color.

I am waiting on a fabric order from to work on a few skirts(I know I said that I was going to work entirely out of my stash but truth be told my stash stinks. LOL).

For now, next up is Simplicity 2603. Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap. I am using a Poly/spandex/ jersey knit in "Orange Creme" I have had this fabric for a few years now and I only have 3 yards, so hopefully I can "make it work"

God Bless