Monday, August 2, 2010

Biting off more than I can chew OR delusions of grandeur

Why can't I just follow the directions on a pattern and sew it as is. You would think that I would learn my lesson from the boxload of UFO's that clutter my dining room.

I decided to finish Simplicity 5005(which only needs the waist treatment and to be hemmed) and to make Simplicity 2633PR to go along with it. I wanted to wear it on 8/1 as we are to wear white on 1st Sundays. I cut the pattern out during the week and decided that I could complete both peices on Saturday.

On Saturday I decided to make bias binding to trim the collar, faux pockets and button placket and the hem of the jacket and the skirt. I have nver made bias tape before in my life and only really used it successfully once.

Needless to say at 11:30pm I gave up. I need to take the binding back off and take me time in reattaching it. I never got to the sleeves, which were what pulled me to that pattern. and the skirt remains in the same state I found it in on Saturday morning.

IN MY MIND I AM A SKILLED FASHION DESIGNER AND SEWIST. In reality I am no way near there yet. But I will keep running the race!

Peace and Love


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