Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"By the Skin of My Teeth" OR " Who Are They and Who Gave Them Authority!"

Well I finished  Simplicity 2633, view with pleated sleeves,  and 5005 and wore them on the last Sunday before Labor Day. I was up until after 1am. And then got back up 11/2 hours earlier than necessary to finish.

I removed the ruined bias binding and only used it along the hem of the jacket and skirt. I made a self belt to wear with it. i had the dickens of a time with the sleeves. I just could not understand the illustrations in the directions. I finally got it and then they went together very easily. 

The outfit sort of makes me look like a church nurse..I think it is the belt that did it.

Whew! I am so relieved that I finished this and wore it on 9/4/10, who knows what "THEY would have done to me for wearing white after Labor day!

Next up... Simplicty 2659 Veiw A

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