Friday, February 20, 2015

I have been around...

I as mentioned before I am not a blogger. I try but the words do not come easy for me.

Lately I have been sewing more.

I also tried my hand at teaching two young family members to sew, but that was very short lived...
When some people do not have to pay for something that do not take it seriously. smh.  I will try again, this time with paying customer.

Below are four items I have made so far in 2015:

First is a self drafted faux leather skirt with Simplicity 1317 View A with faux leather  piping
Middle picture is Vogue 8930 Blanket coat
Last picture is Simplicity 1283

I am going to try to at least post once a month.

Love and Blessing,



Ambitious Sewer said...

Hey Lady, Welcome Back! I love the coats, especially the middle one. It's ashame people underestimate the importance and value of a sewing teacher especially if it's lessons given free. Wish I had that Hope all is well.

DawnSSL said...

Thanks for stopping by Ambitious Sewer! I am doing very well. Hope all is well with you!