Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pleated pleather panic...

My daughter turned 23 yesterday. She asked me to make her a pleated pleather mini skirt for her. She told me that she needed it for the weekend after her birthday.
On Monday past, we (two daughters and a cousin) went to Mood to look for prom dress fabric and the pleather. We found the pleather but the prom dress fabric is a story for another time.

On Tuesday she told me that her co-workers were throwing her a party on her birthday and that she really wanted to wear the skirt. Well, I had women's ministry on Tuesday and so I did not have much time to work on it.
Yesterday after work, I started working on the skirt. She told me that she was leaving out at 10:30, so I put the petal to the metal and tried to grind out the skirt.... I always make dumb mistakes when I rush. ......

I was watching a tutorial on inserting a zipper and I wanted to keep the slide out of my way... so I placed the top of the zipper up over the desired insertion spot, but I forgot to create a new stop!  I did a great job. The zipper was great zipped up! the best I ever did...After sewing the waist band facing and the waistband along the short edge (right sides together then trim and turn) to create a clean edge to the zipper tape, I pulled the zipper up again and right off the top of the skirt. I screamed NOOOO and my grandson, asked me what was wrong. I told him and he told me not to be too sad. He just turned four last week. I few minutes later my daughter came in to get dressed and he said "You cannot wear your skirt because mom- mom pulled the zipper right off the top of the skirt!"
Needless to say she wore something else and I will be spending a lot of time with my seam ripper this evening.

You can see the zipper slide on the pattern envelope
Love and Blessing

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zoeope said...

I love how little children are able to ease a situation. Lol. My son does that too. Guess that's why the bible says we should be more like them.