Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best laid plans....

Well I went to Joann's on the 4th and of course they did not have the pattern that I wanted to wear to my pastor's anniversary dinner. I should have known better! McCall's pattern were on sale and the pattern was new for Fall. I searched and searched ( all pattern companies, you know I was desperate because cost was not an issue) until I found McCall's 5751. It seemed simple enough, I have decided to stick with simple projects for a few months to build up my confidence.

I had to hand sew the corners of the contrast to the front as I could not get it to line up correctly without this hand stitching. As usual I had fitting problems. I cut out a 14 and the dress was huge. But since I did not start it until 8/12 and the dinner was the following evening, I had to sink or swim. I choose to swim(in the dress). I belted it and pulled out my new shoes, which are entirely too high for me and had a good time.

I think I am obsessed with grey!

Wednesday night I cut out a shirt pattern and hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.

God Bless

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